A Tale of Susan and Mac

A Tale of Susan and Mac

He jumps at each one as it buzzes, which is probably almost painful for him when five or six are buzzing at the same time.  He wears me out as I attempt to walk him so he can relieve himself outside the house.  It is utterly frustrating.  Why can’t he just focus on the business at hand?
I love when the door opens.  It is a big playground out there, full of snacks that fly from the ground.  She was nice to get so many for me.  They will be sitting there one minute and hop into the air the next minute, buzzing around.  It’s a little overwhelming when so many buzz for my attention all at the same time, though.  The other fella that walks with us doesn’t get excited at all about our treats.  That’s ok.  It leaves more for me.  He’s so slow anyway that he’d never be able to catch the live ones, instead settling for the ones lying lifeless on the ground.  Where’s the fun in that?  Well, truth be told, sometimes those are the only snacks around, and I have to settle for those.  Not him, he doesn’t even seem to care that they are there.  Loser.  But about her, she puts me on a leash and keeps telling me to “leave it,” every time I find a new treat.  Why does she bring me out there if all she is going to do is tell me to not eat my snacks?  I don’t understand that woman.  She smiles as we leave the house, but she yanks me back into the house as if I’ve failed her. 

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  1. Grace says:

    Haha! Dottie and Quinn are the same way! Quinn just gobbles up all the cicadas she can find, but Dottie doesn't care at all!

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