A Year to Remember

Already, it is January 24th.  What am I doing to make this a year to remember?  Will I make a difference for someone else?  Will I learn something new, so that my brain doesn’t grow stale?  Will I take my family and go on an adventure?  What will make this year memorable?  Every day, I pray that I will live for God, that I will please Him in what I do and what I say.  Maybe that’s enough to remember at the end of the year.  Maybe I should not look for more, but instead be satisfied with whatever He places before me.  Yes, I think that’s my answer.  Each day is a new day…whatever you have for me is adventure enough.  Thank you, God, for clearing that up for me!  How I love you!

3 Responses to “A Year to Remember”

  1. i love how in the middle of thinking about stuff…God just gives you the answer…good stuff

  2. thanks mrs. steen… you know for everything!!

  3. hey mrs. steen we havent talked in a while!! but thats a REALLY good pic of yall!! =) <3 megan

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