Another Day

It’s good that one day doesn’t necessarily become the next…each day is its own day.
Yesterday was the Oakland ball game.  We lost.  That was disappointing, but the cheerleaders are noticeably
better this year–they are cheering much more than in the past.  That’s something to smile about!  Here’s the cutest
cheerleader of all:

Oakland Game-22

So, David, Spencer and Parker went to the game.  Spencer spent the night with us–first time in a couple of years!
I’ve missed seeing Parker help with the band at half-time, but he has his friends…   Speaking of the band–last night’s
photos were all from the end zone perspective:

Oakland Game-27  Oakland Game-37 

Oakland Game-46  Oakland Game-63

Oakland Game-44

And look what my mom sent me through email today:


THAT’S ME!  I think I was pretty cute!

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  1. Those pictures are adorable, Mrs. Steen!

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