Before this day is over…

Before this day is over, I hope I have

  • managed to cook a nice meal for my family’s dinner PEI WEI CARRY OUT!
  • washed, dried, and put away a load of laundry SURELY WE HAVE ENOUGH TO LAST ANOTHER DAY!
  • figured out how to pacify a dog who scratches at his bowl all day FED HIM AGAIN!
  • finished writing a big portion of a paper I’m working on
  • stretched my legs
  • seen my mother
  • taken time to just be

The day is almost over.  So far, I’ve accomplished only one thing on this list.  Gee.  Now, I’ve gone back and taken out the things that probably won’t happen.  That’s one way to shorten the list!

On a much different note, I wonder what my friend Sandy is hoping to accomplish today.  Her husband lies in a bed waiting to meet his Lord and Savior.  I am praying for her today.  If you are not a praying person, maybe you could think happy thoughts, picture positive wonderful healing energy going to her to give her strength.  I have so many friends who are battling diseases, some we see so obviously, some we do not see at all.

And so…I pray for them all… people in general who are battling one sickness or another, one hardship or another.  I believe that if we each take an extra minute to see people without judging them, we can make life a little more pleasant for everyone.

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