If you have known me for more than a year, you know that I love birthdays!   I love my birthday, and I love other people’s birthdays
.  I just think everyone should celbrate such a wonderful day!!  It is 12:39 a.m. and already I have received a birthday email card from
Laura ( was a really funny one from Maxine) one from Pepsi (even though I drink Coke), one from Hyster Sisters hysterectomy support
site, and one from Windows.  How about that?  My mom has sent me numerous cards over the past few weeks, and Charlie left a card
for me on the piano this morning.  Clever dog, isn ‘t he?  Happy Birthday Donna!  My twin, without being born from the same mother. 
Amazing, don’t you think?
2006 First Game-033
This is an incredible shot, simply because Kris Hay has a beautiful smile on her face!

2006 First Game-043 2006 First Game-066

 2006 First Game-150 2006 First Game-092

           2006 First Game-156

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  1. The guard flags blur so beautifully… I like them.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Steen!!!!! WHOOT!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pretty Sure It’s MRS.STEENS BIRTHDAY, so here it goes…


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you…
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you…


    yeah pretty sure I lost my voice singing that to you… lol, happy birthday, I hope you had a good day!!
    on another note, I wanna see those pic’s you took at your house last night, you can send them to me through e-mail if you want, my e-mails so yes, thanks a trillion!!

    <3 Rachel B

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