So much of what people think of us is based upon our choices, isn’t it?  Our choices…how we act, how we speak, how we take into consideration the feelings of those we care about most in this world.  What do your choices say about you to others?  What do mine say about me?  Well, I can tell you what I hope mine say…I am almost to a fault concerned about things being “right.”  It probably drives some people nuts because I won’t let go of things when they aren’t made right, and it has gotten me into trouble in my life that I’ve even had to admit my own wrongs in order to make it right.  But that’s me.  It’s just the way I am, and I’m that way about almost every situation I’ve ever come across.  It pains me when I see things that aren’t right, and yet I know that many tell me “it’s life” that things are often anything but fair, honest, and right.  I love my Lord and Savior.  I want everyone to know Him and trust Him as He desires of them.  If people blindly follow, though, perhaps they won’t understand the depths of His love.  Sometimes, we must experience a need for something before we can appreciate the gift of it.  If we have studied and studied and worked hard and then make an A in a class, it’s a sweet reward.  If we do very little work and make a B, we’re breezing through, with no real appreciation for what it took to earn it. 

Why am I so full of these thoughts right now?  I’ve watched many young friends, who are so close to each other, treat each other so unkindly in the past twelve hours.  The words that have been spoken have been hurtful.  Two teams, both excellent in their level of skill, played a game of basketball.  As in any game, one team wins, one team loses.  Calls are made that are unfavorable–both teams thinking more were made against them.  It’s just a game.  We learn through our losses more than our wins, I think.  We learn a lot about ourselves and our friends, too.  I think some of my friends will awaken this morning to see that they have allowed much ugliness to spew from themselves.  Other friends will awaken to realize that they are hopeful to have an opportunity in the future to show themselves to be able to make better choices than their friends. 

What choices will you make now? Will you choose to undo some of the things you’ve already done?    Will you allow your anger to grow over a loss or your gloating to grow over a win?  There are few things more valuable than friendships.  Rivalries are fun, but they must be kept in perspective.

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  1. me132 says:

    thankyou mrs. susan.
    the game was fun, but way too
    much has come from it.
    i saw you across the court…wish
    i could’ve come over to say hi.
    see you at church!!

  2. Manda says:

    very wise..

    i love your profile pic by the way

  3. amen, sister, amen.

    you preach it, mrs. steen! i love you!!

  4. that’s an amazing perspective on the whole sittuation…i love you mrs. steen!


  5. hey mrs steen…it was great seeing u at the game yesterday

  6. wow….. that is an amazing perspective!! that game was just CRAZY!!

    <3 Julia Grace

  7. Girl, I wish that this community would realize that we are all one community and we have to live together.  My baby girl has had a difficult time in the past with people at church “dising” her school. AT CHURCH!  These are girls that she has been friends with since they were little.  All this over high school?  I know some students don’t have the benefit of experience (like us old people!).  If they would just realize that this is a short time in their life where they can make really good choices, have a positive impact on others, and make a difference.  It’s not ALL about basketball games, band, cheerleading, or whatever.  These are just parts of their very short high school life.  Our whole life is truly about how we treat each other.  Others remember us for how we made them feel.  God gave us all precious gifts to share with others.  I pray that they realize that.  xoxoxo

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