Christmas Gift of Knitting!

Christmas Gift of Knitting!

First, I should start with last week when my special visitors came…

Melissa, Allie, Kallie, and Courtney–who all love me very much!  Then, there’s Beth, our adopted
daughter, and Emily, who is home from college!  Yay for times when we have lots of friends to come

Now for yesterday…Chelsey and Chip spent almost the entire day together…that was Chip’s goal! 
Then, last night, I walked into the living room and Jacque was there with Chelsey and a gift bag. I said,
“What’s this?”  Jacque and Chelsey said, “This is your Christmas gift from Emily Lupoli and us!”  I said,
“What is it, a knitting lesson?”  They looked surprised and said…”Well, sort of!”  Low and behold, they
remembered the hundreds of times I said “I wish I could knit,” and they decided to teach me to knit. 

 So, they presented me with wonderful purple yarn and purple knitting needles, and then they taught me how to
cast on and drop off. Chelsey taught Chip, too.  Now look at us!
Here is how much I’ve accomplished so far!  Isn’t it looking good?
We might need to have a “knitting night.”  I wonder if Jacob is manly
enough to learn to knit?  Daniel?  Ben?  Scott?  Yes, Chip is definitely
a real man!

We have a huge musical program at church today, so Bernie was heading
out early for both services…looking good!  Yep, he’s pretty amazing. 

9 Responses to “Christmas Gift of Knitting!”

  1. Very lovely!

    You should teach me how to knit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i used to know how to knit!
    ..then i forgot
    hmm, oh well!

    we had fun the other day
    & hope you enjoyed your car

  3. Do you know anyone else who made it into sym. band?  I wouldn’t mind coming, but usually my family is doing something.  Maybe someday!


  4. Cathy811 says:

    I’ve tried knitting but it didn’t work out so well but what you have so far looks fabulous!

  5. mackenziem says:

    hi mrs steen!

    i havnt left u a comment in forever! just wanted to say hey and hope ur doing well!

    Merry CHRISTmas!


  6. Aww well i am so proud of you! you look like you accomplished alot after i left! i hope you really enjoy your gift!


  7. if i only knew how to knit.


    i love all your pictures!


  8. Anonymous says:

    not to be rude, but, um, what?

    -the dude with the hair

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