D.C. Here We Come!

D.C. Here We Come!

So, it was Divine intervention that brought my laptop home a day early.  If it had come today, I would have been unable to get everything loaded before the trip.  You see, HP, who I have bragged on before, completely erased my hard drive.  So, EVERYTHING was gone–all of the programs that you have to go through re-installing, all of the information that you lose if you haven’t backed it up somewhere.  Yep, all gone.  Now, I do have a backup, but guess what?  The backup program said something was wrong with it.  Go figure.  I’ve shed many tears over this darned thing and am truly grateful that God knew I would need the extra time to work on it.  I think it will be ready by tomorrow.

Yes, everyone is excited about the 16 hour bus ride to D.C.  It should prove fun, though, with all of those kids!

Watch Wednesday’s paper—they are so kind to include these awesome kids in an article!

9 Responses to “D.C. Here We Come!”

  1. I love the Steen family!

  2. ooohhh!   i can’t wait until tomorrow!  it’s a long time on a bus, but it’s going to be amazing!  i love you mrs. steen!!

  3. embolie13 says:

    mrs. steen i missed you!!!! i want to see lots and lots of pictures!!!! like i was there….!!!! i love you oh so much mrs. steen!!! <3<3 em

  4. the trip was so much fun, even if the bus rides were awful, it was still fun =]

  5. Athena8908 says:

    the trip was fun…my favorite part was actually the medevil times dinner!!! i hope you had fun too!!! it was great seeing you there!!!


  6. the trip was amazing!  the city was so beautiful!  it’s too bad that the woodwinds didn’t get to play in the parade ๐Ÿ™  oh well, i’m just glad that i was able to experience everything.

  7. Jess019 says:

    So I definitely didn’t know you were at school tonight untill about 8:30 when Chelsey informed me that you had been there. I was so upset cause I saw some band moms and I thought to myslef that you were probably there, and I was going to finally come and say hi. Ughhh guess we’ll have to wait AGAIN! You’re going to have to inform me ahead of time when you’re planning on being at school. I hope you had a great time in DC. I do hope pictures shall be popping up on here any day now… lol. I miss talking to you!

  8. maria__white says:

    No, I didn’t……..and neither did any one else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. hey
    how are you doing
    hope your weekend is awesome
    see you monday
    love sara

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