DBS Formal

DBS Formal

The DBS Formal was last night, and let me tell you it was an all-day event for those involved.  For some of those, it was months-long!  http://photoshow.comcast.net/watch/vV4DE2EF   That’s the address of the photo show I put together.  I’m pretty pleased, but I wish I could have used different music.  Here are some of the snapshots from the day…
DBS Formal-059
Aren’t they beautiful?
 DBS Formal-035
The lovely Mary Lauren!
DBS Formal-066
Goofin’ around!
DBS Formal-061
DBS Formal-112
DBS Formal-107

DBS Formal-110
 DBS Formal-100

DBS Formal-078
Not everyone can be a Pyro and a beauty queen!
DBS Formal-014

9 Responses to “DBS Formal”

  1. NanStan says:

    Hi Susan!
    I enjoyed your show! Have a great day!
    Love, Nan

  2. me132 says:

    last night was soo much fun;
    i loved seeing you there and
    the slide show was amazing!!

  3. Athena8908 says:

    Love the Pictures, always!!!!

    I say you at the play today!!!! ( hey that rhymes!!!)

    I love you Mrs. Steen!!!!

  4. BLINKDUDE says:

    Yes, it was  a compliment. Chip and Chelsea are so cute… i could just eat em’ up!

    Just kidding about the eating part…

    Later Mrs. S!!!

  5. Jess019 says:

    Yay for pictures! Oh how I love looking at pictures! Everybody looked so beautiful. I hope you’re doing well. I’m thinking we may have to schedule a meeting, like “hmm I think we shall finally meet each other on ____ at _____” lol. Hope to talk to you soon!

    Love ya lots!!


  6. i love the pictures…they all looked so good!


  7. Formal was a BLAST!!! can you get me some copys of those pictures. or you can just e-mail them to me!! I LOVE YOU

  8. hey mrs. steen!!  are you going to be at the game tonight?  if you are, i’ll see you there!

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