Finally, A D.C. Post!

Finally, A D.C. Post!

   I know what you’re thinking…”Gosh, Mrs. Steen, when are you ever going to post pictures from the band trip?”  Well, think no more, rest those weary brains, here they are!  I’ll post a few on here, and the rest you’ll have to view via a photo show.  Because I’ve been covered up this whole week with helping my dear friend whose house was hit by lightning, I have no wonderfully funny quips beside the faces.  Maybe I can have time to add those in later.  For now, it’s just the photos.  Hope you especially enjoy our family photo.  I think it’s going to be my favorite shot!

Before we even left the parking lot, there was a long practice, and this band looked amazing!!!
100_9825 100_9800 100_9816 100_9834

Waiting, and waiting, to go into the Capitol, Tara and Sean look so…intellectual!

100_9885  100_9904 100_9876

The rain ponchos weren’t the only things that were blue…so was my computer screen!
$200 later, Best Buy had done nothing to help my situation. 


Speaking of blue…there was lots of it the day of the parade…all that rain!


Well that’s all for today…I’m beat, and it’s already 1:00!!!  I’ll be worn out tomorrow!!

HAPPY EASTER TO YOU…HOPE THE EASTER BUNNY HOPPED RIGHT IN TO YOUR HOUSE LIKE HE DID OURS…AND REMEMBER THE REAL REASON WE CELEBRATE THIS DAY…Jesus Christ was crucified and buried in a tomb and three days later rose from the dead–fully alive.  Praise God for my Savior, my beautiful Savior!  Chip and Andrew will be playing Lift High The Cross and The Hallelujah Chorus–oh, what a great day!!

7 Responses to “Finally, A D.C. Post!”

  1. Looks like everyone had fun without me…

    I like this song

  2. CoralStar says:

    I’ve been waiting for your pictures =)



  4. Jess019 says:

    Finally! Thank you so much for yesterday. I needed it.

  5. Wait…so Mr. Medford has replaced Chip in the family??? Thats too bad. Its too bad that you wern’t on our bus to see us, and its too bad that no one was there to take your picture with your umbrella. And By the way, that same screen came up on my computer last year and I had to get a new hard drive

    Have a good Easter and a great rest of the week! <3 Beth

  6. happy easter mrs. steen!  (i was one of those people patiently waiting for the posting of the dc pictures on your xanga :-] )

  7. TArAfied10 says:

    haha i love how medfords in yalls family:)

    and the pictures are amazing

    lol and i like how crazy/scary i look behind meghan in that picture, i actualy laughed out loud!

    cya later mrs steen!!happy easter!!!!

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