First Football Game!

It was a great first football game.  Even though we lost, it was SO much better than most of us thought it would be. 

2006 First Game-131 That’s how it looked early in the evening!

So here are some of the pictures from tonight, but to see more of them, you’ll want to see the photo show

2006 First Game-027 2006 First Game-012

2006 First Game-028 2006 First Game-034

 2006 First Game-0482006 First Game-014 
2006 First Game-059 2006 First Game-148 
2006 First Game-156 2006 First Game-138 
2006 First Game-141 



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  1. me132 says:

    mrs. susan!! congrats to you guys.
    i heard it was a fun game! i wish i had
    looked at you site earlier.. i would’ve
    thanked you for including my name in
    your post. =]
    i looove you!!

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