I think about food more than some people and less than others. I mean, I know that I should eat to live and not live to eat.  (The same could be said about the consumption of other things, like wine and coffee).  So, while I really have no problem with not letting food control me, I spend a lot of time choosing the best things to feed my body–most of the time.  Sometimes, though, it’s easier to eat a sandwich of Ezekiel bread and natural peanut butter.  No, it isn’t incredibly unhealthy, but how much time do I actually put into preparing it?  I just mean that I think we should enjoy the preparation of the food as much as the consumption.  I will be working toward that in the coming weeks.
The soup was prepared by my sweet friend, Maxine.  It’s a North African Chicken Vegetable Soup.  Oh, golly, it was delicious. It was healthy, could have been vegetarian, and incredibly tasty.  Maxine inspires me to do more of what I enjoy. 

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