For the love of Pete

For the love of Pete

Have you ever thought about what that means–For the love of Pete!  If you know the origin, will you comment and let the rest of
us know.  I’ve been wondering about that lately.  Deep thinking, huh?

Life around here has been different–quieter, maybe, but mainly just different.  Life is full of change.  Think for a minute about the
relationships that have been part of your life so far and how they have impacted you. 

For instance, one of my sweetest friends when I was really young (5-10) was Laura.  We were just the best of friends,
but our mothers had a disagreement, and we were caught in the middle.  Our friendship changed.  Now, though, 35 years later,
I love her with a different heart, and our mothers probably don’t even
remember the argument.  Then, there was my friend Terri.  She moved away after elementary school, and I went to visit her once in
Stone Mountain, Georgia.  She was just a beautiful person inside and out.  I have often wondered how she is, where she is…  Then, there
was my friend Marian.  We were great friends through middle school and the early part of high school.  Something happened to us, though,
and we found other friends who better met our needs later in high school.  Now, she’s a brilliant researcher for a huge pharmaceutical company,
I think.  She’ll probably discover a cure for cancer—seriously.  She’s just amazing.  I’m sad that we haven’t stayed in touch, but we haven’t.  I had
another good friend, Sheri, who I have spoken to on a couple of occasions–my wedding day and before my daddy’s funeral.  I’ve called her
since then to at least know what she’s doing in her life.  One of my hometown friends was Patti.  She went to UT after I left, and we lost touch. 
In college, I had a friend Pam, who left school to go to a smaller school.  Then, I left UT.  I met wonderful friends in the working world, and again
when I went back to school.  Of course, Bernie was the best.  When we moved to Columbia, I met Betty Belle.  She and I are still the closest
of friends, even though I am in Murfreesboro and she is in Franklin.  Our kids have nothing in common (she has two girls), but God knit
our hearts together unlike any knitting I’ve ever seen.  We moved to Murfreesboro, and I discovered my friend Patti lived less than a mile from my house
and had a son just a few months younger than mine.  They ended up being best friends for many years.  I have wonderful friends now. A different
Laura, Martha, Melida, Annette, and others have become my strength–thanks to God’s grace.  My mother, though, has moved here and
is one of my very best friends.  When you’re younger, you don’t think you’ll ever be best friends with your mom, but it can happen, and it’s


Why have I told all of this?  Because I want you to know that the friends you have today may or may not be the friends you have years from now.
Bernie still stays in touch with several of his childhood friends.  I have not done the same.  But I have shared so much of myself with each friend,
and each person has allowed me to share in their joys and sorrows.  We have gained from each other, even when other friends came along and
took our attention away.  Relationships are important.  You never know who you’ll find all over again years from now.  Life is funny that way. 
Embrace each person who comes into your life as the special part of your story that they are.  Enjoy them, give to them, and then accept that
God has other friends who will benefit you and benefit from you as life goes on.  Life is a wonderful adventure–don’t let the past keep you from
enjoying today, nor today from enjoying tomorrow. 

Oh, I love my young friends today.  I remember a few adults who I thought were so wonderful and who I could talk to when I was younger.  I
want to provide that same safety to the teenagers whose lives I am blessed by now.  What goes around really does come back around. Thank
God!  I love you!!

2 Responses to “For the love of Pete”

  1. Mrs. Steen that was definately very insightful and i love to read things like this.  It assures me that even though things may not seem all that great right now, that better days and new people will make me happy with what i have. I love you Mrs. Steen and please…let’s stay in touch.


  2.      Think you very much for posting this. I agree with  what Chelsey has said. It also made me sad because I won’t be able to stay in touch with the people that are my friends now. I know that I will have a lot of friends in my life and I know that they will touch my life. I just really like what you said. Thank you.

       Oh and thanks for coming up with the place where I went many times to play! I love kids castle! 

                  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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