Haircuts, Tigers, Patriarchs

Haircuts, Tigers, Patriarchs

     “And when Jacob had finished commanding his sons, he drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last, and was gathered to his people.”  Oh, it was the end of our study of The Patriarchs, and I am sad, but to know all that Jacob accomplished in his life—don’t you know he was glad to finally be able to breathe his last?  I am sure he was!  If you ever need an interesting read–dig into Genesis.  The stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are rich with everything you could be looking for–love, lust, trickery.  You name it, it’s there. God’s there, too, and He’s still here in the thick of all of our lives–no matter how sordid they may seem at times.  Invite Him to be an active part of your life!

On to basketball–Gonzaga is up right now, though not nearly like they were earlier in the night.  The Tigers and The Tigers (LSU and Memphis) are both in the Elite Eight.  Awesome games!  Really–how can you not love basketball?  I had said that Duke and LSU would be playing, but I had Duke winning.  Oh well–it was a pretty sweet win for LSU.  Gonzaga is doing well to help my projections.  UNC and UK—what can I say???  I know, some of you aren’t at all interested in basketball, are you?

The boys both got haircuts today.  They both look great, if I do say so myself.  I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll do something really different–maybe not.  I’ll have to see what kind of mood I’m in. 

edit:  Gonzaga lost at the very end–amazing finish! 

 And now, I’ve added some old photos for your viewing pleasure.  Notice how much Audrey’s grown!!!


100_6011girlsfla 005 











audreyAudreyO 100_5586
dinner2  audbday2  



















Parker's 13!-124th Meet








Chili Cook-Off-03Chili Cook-Off-09




Chili Cook-Off-15 
DJC1 MidStateChoral-03 
cheesecake and other-12 
DBS Formal-066 

PS to Elizabeth…I’m working on the Soundtrack Question… 🙂


3 Responses to “Haircuts, Tigers, Patriarchs”

  1. Jess019 says:

    Ooo haircuts are fun! But it’s like cutting off a limb for me so I never go too crazy. Well maybe when I cut about 8 inches off and died it brown, but that was the only time! I wish I could comment about all your basketball stuff but I really have no idea what you’re talking about so I shall keep my mouth shut and try not to sound stupid! I hope you’re doing well. I never seem to catch you on AIM. Hopefully I will talk to you soon. Take care!

  2. Jess019 says:

    I thought that was you too but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t get a good look. But Brian and I were headed up to the office and as soon as I passed you I almost turned around to ask if it was you. I’m glad I know now that it was you! And I am so up for Starbucks. I could use that today considering I had to deal with psycho mother at 7:30 this morning. But for once I finally stood up to her and boy did that feel good. But yeah I am so there!

  3. mrs. steen- just thought i would stop by and say hello!- love all ur pictures- isn’t it so wonderful to go back and remember all the happy/fun things we’ve endured- certainly brings the smiles- lol- well… have a great week!- <3 melissa katie

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