His Awesomeness…Is that a word?


Oh Lord My God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works thy hands hath made….

So begins one of my favorite hymns, and this morning, I have beheld some of the beauty up close and personal.  The petals on flowers—they are each so different, so personal–just like we are.  And as I was scratching up some soil to put grass seed down, and in some places just putting the seed down without scratching the soil, I thought of the Parable of the Soil—-what kind of soil will yield the best grass?  It will be interesting to see.  Yes, God is always teaching me through everyday life.

So, what kind of soil am I planting His Word in?  Am I allowing the sun (Son) to light and nourish the seed?  Am I watering the seed with the Water of Life that never leaves us thirsting for more?  Only if I do those things can I be assured of the beautiful petals that reflect the beauty of the Creator.  Oh, Lord, My God, when I in hurried lifestyle, take not the time to tend the seed you’ve sown…Yes, I think a song is on the horizon to a tune I know so well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hiya Mrs. steen it’s maria west! just wanted to say hi!

  2. how great thou art is one of my favorite hymns too!!!!! i sing it in the shower. lol

  3. i want to be an aeronautical engineer 🙂

    thanks for the comment mrz steen

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