It Snowed, Valentine's Came, and Now It's Thursday

It Snowed, Valentine’s Came, and Now It’s Thursday

Ok, so it did snow.  Our whole youth group was praying for snow, but I don’t think that’s why it came.  I like to think that God enjoyed having snow come when it wasn’t predicted.  Yes, He has a great sense of humor–I’m sure of it!

Valentine’s Day was nice.  Chocolate Truffles are delicious!  Chip grilled steaks for Chelsey and him to enjoy, while the rest of the family ate in the living room.  Young love is sweet, isn’t it?  Actually, I’m sure Bernie would have done that for me if Chip hadn’t already been in there.  Bernie has worked and worked the past few days, after spending four days in the bed, very sick.  I’m just so glad he’s my Valentine–not much else is really necessary.

Parker spent his snow day and his field trip day on the couch with a fever and a bad cough.  He still has the cough, and I’m considering keeping him home again, even though he went to school yesterday.  Maybe he’ll be much better when he awakens.  He got his sweetheart a sweet bag of goodies, and she made him some really delicious-looking heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats, along with a slew of other candy that he likes.  She also made a great card, I think.  I say “I think” because I didn’t read it–minded my own business, thank you very much. 

Tonight, Chip and I are going to David Lipscomb to see and hear some special singers.  Chelsey is one of them–probably the only one Chip is going to hear, I suppose. 🙂  There are girls from Youth who will be singing, too, though, and I surely want to see and hear them in this honorable performance.  Ginny, Katie, and Christie are all performing.  I’m sure they’ll do amazingly well.

I’ll have to put some pics on later.  I’m sleepy.


3 Responses to “It Snowed, Valentine’s Came, and Now It’s Thursday”

  1. i was so glad that it snowed.  i really do miss all of the snow in chicago.  i love you mrs. steen!!

  2. Athena8908 says:

    I’m glad to hear that you had a good Valentine’s day!!!

    Love Ya Mrs. Steen!!!!!


    P.S. I saw you at Kroger!!!!! 🙂

  3. im SO excited know…. everything is starting to come together!!! i LOVE you

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