It’s Monday

Yes, it’s Monday. The weekend was great!  I’ll post pics later, but right now I’m in the car waiting for Chip to finish a lesson.  Bernie was so surprised on Saturday night when about 30 of our friends showed up, along with his hero Webb Wilder, the last of the full grown men.  It was amazing!

Aunt Sharon’s birthday is tomorrow, and I bought her a beautiful red purse today.  I know she’ll love it.  Everyone in Washington is sure to want one.

Tomorrow is the last night for West Side Story.  Chip is going, so I guess I’ll probably go see the closing night.  It’s always a big night–full of emotions. 🙂 

Well, Parker is at home with his nw pimpin’ belt buckle that has words scrolling across it.  He’s definitely the flashiest in the family right now. 

My brother and his family and my mother all came up yesterday to celebrate Bernie’s big birthday with us.  The cousins all had a great time, and the adults caught up on the visiting.  Sounds like fun?  It always is.  Mr. B is 50!  Hooray for birthays!!

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend!  Tell Mr. B HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend!  Tell Mr. B HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me!

  3. TELL MR. B…..


  4. missbev says:

    Happy birthday to Mr B……My hubby’s bday was yesterday. He went to Ky with a group of guys for an overnight golf trip. It sounds like your family enjoys each other like ours does. I seriously considered going to Westside Story with my granddaughter last night….and would have if it hadn’t meant driving back late on I840. We need to meet sometime.

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