Jim and Nick's

Jim and Nick’s

Parker and I were on our own tonight and decided to give “Jim ‘n Nick’s” Barbecue a try. 
Parker had heard it’s supposed to be great…
Well, the parking lot was full and we were relieved to see a drive-thru window.  We pulled up and
this guy was talking to the car in front of us and then came to our car.  Turns out, he is the owner. 
He said they haven’t officially opened and were just training.  He wanted to know if we would do him
a favor and order something from the limited menu they had – his treat.  After many queries of “Is this for real?”
  I was finally convinced that he really wanted us to help his workers train to serve people at the drive-thru. 
Parker and I had a chicken plate with two sides, tried a ½ order of onion rings and got a salad that I figured
Bernie and I could share.  Oh my!  You wouldn’t believe how much food there was!  Two of us easily could
have split one chicken plate with food left over.  Parker and I sampled everything and couldn’t find a bad thing
in the batch.  They also gave me a slice of their lemon pie for dessert—made two hours earlier!  It was scrumptious—
and I only was able to eat a sliver of the huge piece of pie.  All in all, we came home with $34 worth of food, enjoyed
every bite, will definitely go back when they open, and the guy said he really appreciated that we waited the longer than
normal (for most drive-thrus) wait time.  Wow!  Yes, we were both very excited!!  Just had to share our nice evening.  So,
PLEASE visit Jim ‘n Nick’s when they open…next week–September 6th.

Chip is with Chelsey’s family tonight…her mom is celebrating a very big birthday, and they wanted Joseph and Chelsey to
bring their significant others.  Wasn’t that nice?  Happy Birthday, Charlene!

My brother was here today…but I didn’t get to see him.  Maybe next time.

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