Life’s Just So Good!

 Last night was a mini-movie night.  But it was a wonderful night, no matter how small the group.  Sometimes, small is really good!
  Want to see who was here?

YouthKickOff-005 Chip and Chelsey… πŸ™‚

YouthKickOff-003  Jacob and Rachel… πŸ™‚

 YouthKickOff-002 Daniel and Emily… πŸ™‚ (Nice smile, Daniel)

Today was a good day, too…Lots of Happy Birthday wishes… and then the Youth Group Kick-Off
 YouthKickOff-092Tiffany…(You just can’t see her, since she’s being carried)


  YouthKickOff-023Chip…playing “500” I think?

 YouthKickOff-034My sweet Melissa!


 YouthKickOff-040Kate, Emily, Christie, Rachel–my only Senior Girl!

YouthKickOff-043Kallie, Allie, Melissa, Taylor (a much better picture, don’t you think)?

 YouthKickOff-097 Kate, Parker  water balloons were flying!

YouthKickOff-101  Did anyone stay dry?

YouthKickOff-008 Brad…pretty sure you stayed dry till the end…

We love having Jill here…it’s her time!


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  1. me132 says:

    it’s a MUCH better picture!!
    thanks mrs. susan =]

    aaand now i’m thankful i left early.
    i was dry the entire day!

  2. awwww i wish i knew about it beforehand so i coulda gotten off work to go!! but i’ll definatly be at youth this year.

  3. imforsqaures says:

    awe it looks fun =)

    thank you veryy much mrs. steen, your always the best person in the world to talk to. i just get stressed with cheerleading and school, you know. but i try to be a good person, i hope i’m doing a good job of it =)

    lots of love

  4. No, just something I wrote a couple weeks ago.

  5. my big guy took an organization class at sylvan.  i guess it was okay…i really just needed him to ‘get back in the groove’ of sitting in class.  i think it may have helped though.  his locker at school is pretty neat!! πŸ™‚

  6. I miss those movie nights! πŸ™

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