Entries that are lost…yesterday’s.  Games that are lost…Friday night’s, this afternoon’s.  People who are lost…many. 
But God is so good to find us where we are, whatever we are doing, and love us.  Who else can you say that about? 
He’s so so good!

Pictures…I know that’s what people really want to see.  I wish people wanted to read wonderful things about life,
but maybe things sink in when you least realize it.  The sermon this morning was about deciding what’s important and
who’s important.  Jesus said that to be important in his kingdom, we must be servants now.  We must love and care
about the people who are the least…the oppressed, the children, and the list goes on. 

Now for some photos!

Homecoming 2006-050

  Homecoming 2006-060

Homecoming 2006-061

Homecoming 2006-067

Homecoming 2006-093

Homecoming 2006-099

Homecoming 2006-089

Homecoming 2006-107

Homecoming 2006-126

Homecoming 2006-179

Homecoming 2006-171

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