Madness...all types!

Madness…all types!

What was I thinking mentioning Spring?  Now it is like Winter again.  Oh, please don’t let all of my pretty flowers get snapped with cold!  By the way, all of the pretty flowers blooming in my flower bed are from the Siegel Band Flower Bulb Sale last fall—so glad I bought lots of bulbs. 

I heard someone say something recently that really thrilled me…they were very frustrated with a situation and said, “But there’s nothing about it that’s in my control!”  (or something like that)  Why did that thrill me, you ask?  Because we ALL like to feel like we’re in control of what’s going on in our lives.  Think about it…from the time you roll out of bed, you ‘know’ what your day will be like, don’t you?  But what if you said, “God, today is your day.  Whatever you decide needs to happen, well, I’m game.”  Imagine what fun life would be if we ALLOWED God to be in control.  Mind you, He IS in control, but as long as we are constantly trying to act like WE are the ones who are driving things, it will be a struggle.  The struggle will only stop when we verbally and emotionally can say, “God, please drive my life.”  Only when we are able to look at someone else getting what we thought we should have and say, “God, if this is what will most glorify you, then it’s good with me,” then we’ll get out of the struggle. 

Are you looking for an example?  Well, let’s say you are certain that you are the best person to get a part in a play, or to get an award, or to get a job.  I can hear any of us telling God now, “God, if you’ll let me have this ____, I’ll be so good, I’ll tell people about you, I’ll make you proud.”  But what if by having someone else in that position, that part, or winning that award, what if THEN God would be glorified more?  Are you willing to step back and say, “If that’s the better way for YOU, then so be it?”  That’s the point He wants us to get to–it’s not an easy place, but it should be our goal. 

So, now you know why it thrills me to hear someone come to the realization that it’s not in their control.  God wants us to GIVE HIM control and enjoy what He has for us.  Are you willing to take the chance that His plan is better than yours?  I pray you are…

On a different note…I tried too late to sign up for the ESPN or Yahoo Sports league, so I have to go on record somewhere with my picks–it makes me somehow more legitimate, win or lose.  I have Duke and LSU playing for the title in Atlanta with Duke winning.  Kentucky and UNC playing in DC with Kentucky winning (not practical, but I have to go for the Cats), Gonzaga taking the Oakland field (though I think Bucknell looked good), and Forida taking Ohio State for the Minneapolis arena (though I like Nova and wouldn’t mind if they messed up my figures).  I made my picks before the games began, circled them on my sheet to keep me honest.  Now that I have my Final Four, who do I think will win???  Well, of course, I think Kentucky will surprise everyone and pull it out of the hat.  But if they don’t, I think there’s a good chance that it could be Duke, Florida, or Gonzaga.  My predictions just aren’t there yet… 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. hey mrs. steen! im sad to say i dont have the attention span to read that all right now, but i did read the bottom, and i hope your having a great weekend. i am!


  2. i’ll never know what the flowers would have looked like because rags dug them all up.  i guess we will just have to get some more next year and try again.  i love you mrs. steen!

  3. hey mrs. steen, i just tried to go to olivia’s xanga, and they shut hers down too. well i love you mrs. steen!


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