Mid-State Can Be Better

Mid-State Can Be Better

Mid-state…for people who are going for the first time, it should be clearly explained what they need to have with them and what they need to have prepared…for everyone in general it needs to be a better system.  Why isn’t “Mid-State” in the middle of the state—MTSU???  Why aren’t kids registered automatically and assigned times to audition?    I don’t know, but there are things that could and should be changed.  That said…Parker didn’t stand a chance of making his auditions, which is crummy when you practice and prepare, only to find out that you were told to prepare for the wrong things.  He wasn’t the only one…we heard from others similar stories.  Students rely on their teachers and instructors. Communication is everything.   I would take some blame here, but I know nothing about how to get info on what they should have.  Four kids shared a snare because no one knew to bring their snare with them.  (All bow to Kelsey Wells for sharing her snare)!  The MTSBOA people should have it all in black and white for the kids so they don’t have to rely on the adults to know everything.  I’m ticked for many kids, not just my own.  Can you tell?  Everyone should start on the same playing field.  I guess life isn’t on the same playing field, either, so I should just get over it.  But I’m an advocate for other people all the time,(esp. kids) it’s just what I do and who I am.  I believe in things being right.

OK, so Chip was really pleased with his audition.  He slipped on a note on his prepared piece, which is probably what cost him, but he soared on his scales and sight reading–made it through two sight reading pieces, which was the first time he’s done that.  Second Band, 13th chair.  Way to go, Chip.  You made it.  That’s what you wanted.  It’s not 1st Band, 1st chair, but you made it.  You are an outstanding trumpeter, and I should know since I get to listen to you more than anyone else.  I know you don’t think it’s an improvement over last year, but it is…I assure you, it is. 

We saw a few friends while we were there…
The nervous Erin…………………The “I’m going to make 1st Band Erin.”
Chip and Boog…..Girls were all smiles……………………………More smiles………


So, after the lovely nerve-wracking morning, we headed to Adairville, KY.
Geoff and I battled all day with our cameras……..  Chip and Parker with cousin Matt (Parker will be taller than both)!
Chip and Parker are so good with Easton and Baylor…They are the best boys!

Sarah, telling me what the animals say…she is precious!
My personal Favorite…

I love that man!

The Family!
Of course, I did a Photo Show of the day, which most of you will have no interest in viewing.
It’s on my Photo Show page, though, for my family to see, so please enjoy!





8 Responses to “Mid-State Can Be Better”

  1. *laughs* Wow, you have almost as much family as I do come over for the holidays.

    I think I have you beat, though.

    And I agree, mid-state should be [a] held at MTSU and [b] have assigned times.

    Sorry about Parker

  2. Manda says:

    the person who is in charge of MTSBOA I believe is Mr. Gregory, Siegel’s High’s choir director Mrs. Gregory’s husband. I don’t know if you knew that (or know him), but he seems to be a very open guy.. so you should look into talking to him or emailing him or something sharing your concern… because those are very good points you make. if anything, you can get a reasoning behind the things they do. anyway, thought maybe that would help. Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mid-state auditions were a lot more fun than I expected them to be…I dont look very awake i those pictures, lol. Chip did grrrreat! Have a great day <3 Erin

  4. aww…i love family! it is always a whole lot of fun just to go and spend time with them…especially my dad’s side because they are all loud and stubborn as anything so it’s always something to get a laugh out of lol. But none the less we all love eachother and we have alot of fun together…i hope you have a great week!


  5. congrats to chip. he must have been amazing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hate Midstate, or at least the audition process. But Midstate band is a blast. All I’ve ever made was jazz band, but I had a ton of fun doing it.

  7. hey tell chip congrats. joe is really excited about his posistion… and he should be. he worked his butt off! my mom wanted to thank you agaian for taking joe to oboe! u r amazing! do you know a kathryn ramsey? shes a good friend of ine. her 3 month old brother died yesterday. he just stopped breathing. please keep her whole family in your prayers!

                                                                           Lots of Love,


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