More New Beginnings

This is the beginning of many new things…life with a new computer (YES!), a new year with band, a new school year, and weighing on me right now–a new Youth Director for our church!  I’m overwhelmed with the mixture of emotions I feel about the addition of this new person, Jill.  I am trusting God to bring us exactly who our youth need, and I’m wearing down from feeling like the adult of the group. (I guess I am, now that I think of it).  I love our youth so much–will they love Jill?  Will she love and appreciate them?  Will she see the beauty in each of them?  Lord, you know how important it is that no one is left out, nor made to feel more or less important than anyone else.  Oh, I just know it’s going to be great…it is, isn’t it?  Yes, it is.  I’ll feel so much better once I meet her, see her, sense her spirit.  Then, I know God will give me perfect peace.

Speaking of peace…my mother has been living in Murfreesboro for two months now.  It seems that she’s always been here.  It’s been so natural, so pleasant.  I just encourage others to take that step if they feel at all inclined.  The hours we’ve already been able to enjoy having coffee and laughing together have been priceless.  Thank you, God, for giving me such a sweet gift.

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  1. It always is a little hard on the people looking and the kids themselves when it comes to a new youth leader…it will just take a little time…don’t worry.  “Don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow already worries about itself.”

    Yay for Band  Camp!! WHOOT! And yay for DELTA BETA SIGMA!!!  WHOOT! I am pumped today…bring it on, world. I love you Mrs. Steen!


  2. basically.. weston and i decided to take a break because our relationships with God have been pushed to the backburner. our relationship would never work if God wasnt the focus in our lives. so we are taking some time off to make Him our priority again. my newest entry explains alot of whats been on my heart. its still really hard, but we know that if we dont straighten things out right now, we probably wont have a relationship in the future.. so this is definitely best, although it brings alot of heartache and lonliness to the present time. i need to fall in love with Jesus all over again before i allow my heart to fall in love with weston more.

    but prayers would still help.

    because its still kind of hard.

    i love you, mrs. steen. let’s have lunch sometime soon, ok? i havent seen you in ages and i miss you dearly!

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