No Snow in Murfreesboro

No Snow in Murfreesboro

Nope.  No snow here.  Not any to speak of any way.  Kind
of discouraging, isn’t it?  Oh, well, that’s Tennessee. Friday, Bernie was really sick (he still is), so he asked me to fill in for him at a lunch for the Boy Scouts.  I saw
Daniel’s dad and Governor Bredesen…
Last night, Chip, Chelsey, Jacque, and Brad ate at Chili’s, then went to the mall to shop for a while.  They came
back here and played Mad Gab.  All I have to say is Chiquita Bananas!
Parker went to Matthew’s birthday party.  I’m certain they had a great time!
I took Parker to get new shoes today they’re definitely very cool, and he thinks they’re much cooler than the ones I
bought Chip last night.  I think that neither one of them needs shoes for the next 6 months.  Mark my words!

Today, Chip, Daniel, James, and Jacob (our other son) went to Toots and then hung out.  Chip got stuck between
two places and ended up missing the Predators game.  Hopefully, Christian is a good friend and will forgive him. It’s
hard to be a kid, but it’s important at every age to learn to let people know when you have to change your plans.
Just a mom’s thoughts there.

My poor Bernie is still so sick.  He’s spent an awful lot of time
sleeping the past few days.  I had to go without him tonight
to celebrate Sandy’s birthday.  We had fun, though it probably would have been more fun with him there…

So, how was your day?

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  1. i’ll be praying for mr. bernie! maybe i can bring him some soup from demos’. do you think he’d like that?

    i love you, mrs. steen— you mean the world to me.

  2. aww mrs. steen it sounds like mr. b has exactly what i had…i slept for sooooo long. Sadly, my brother is getting it too. I hope all the sickness isn’t my fault!!!


  3. i hope he gets better

    and did you enjoy the snow today, even though it did melt?

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