Prayers, Wrecks, and Other Things

Thanks for the prayers.  One minute a girl is enjoying lunch with friends, and two minutes later she’s sitting in an intersection with airbags in her face.  Not much fun.
I’m so thankful that God blessed me with a quick reaction to swerve.  Even though I still hit the girl in the other vehicle, the accident was much  better than it
would have been.  The lesson in this…Always be alert to the other drivers on the road.  No matter how careful you are,  there are other drivers out there who might
not be as careful.  I had a green light, and I never dreamed that I would need to worry about someone coming the other direction.  Bless her heart–17 years old.  I’m
sure she’s pretty shaken up, too.

I’m so thankful that my life is what it is.  I’m so glad to have the sweet friends that I do.  I’m so glad that God has blessed me so richly.  I love you.

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  1. I’m so glad that you’re alright. I love you Mrs. Steen. Maybe we can talk sometime again soon…i have much to say =]


  2. thanks mrs. steen! im so glad youre alright, i havent seen you in awhile

  3. Do you have pictures of the Christmas Parade??

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