Doesn’t it crack you up to look at old pictures of yourself and think…Did I really look like that?  That’s how I felt when I started to put
a new profile pic on–you can see all of your old ones.  In two years, here’s how I’ve changed…I hope I’m looking better now!

100_2187 playground
112_1245  susemchels
   puleo4  100_3710
sbs220 midstate and other-12MthrsDay      


Here’s a photo from today…Guess who’s FINALLY home??????




Hooray, Daniel is home!  Life is good!!  Top that off with getting to see Embolie and Chelsey in the same afternoon–

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  1. Hey, how is your summer?


  2. Anonymous says:

    how are things at the steen’s house, I haven’t been there in a while?

  3. missbev says:

    All I know is that you have one glamorous profile picture!!!

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