Reprieve before the Reunion...and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Reprieve before the Reunion…and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Doesn’t the title say it all?  Tomorrow is my only day this week that I don’t HAVE to be somewhere–though there is somewhere I would like to be for part of the day, to support a friend of mine in her business endeavor–and I’m thrilled to be able to just stay in my home.  My 30th High School Reunion is this weekend, and I’m in charge of the decorations.  I wanted to have a committee, but it didn’t seem like I could really get a whole committee together.  (I admit that I am a procrastinator–not a micro-manager)   So, a few people will help me on Saturday morning, as we turn a blank slate into festive surroundings.  It really will be fun.  I am not usually a reunion attendee.  I am not much for socializing any more than required.  Staying home, enjoying my family and dogs is really ok with me.  Yet, here I am; going to my reunion and even serving on the committee that has been planning the event.

I have thought a lot about why some people love attending reunions, while others shy away or just aren’t interested in the event.  I decided that I wanted to participate this year for one reason…someone else in the class.  I have no idea who that someone is, but I know that someone who will be there needs to be with as many of us as possible.  I don’t really know why I feel so strongly, but I do.  Maybe there is someone who has felt so alone lately, and they need to be surrounded by people who might be excited to see them.  Maybe there is someone who has been through a difficult diagnosis, and they just need the comfort of friends from days gone by.  I don’t really know why…but I know that as many of us as possible need to be there.  And so, I’m going.  I hope most of my classmates attend, too.  

You see, it isn’t always about you, or about me.  It’s about someone else.  In fact, rarely are things in my life about me–perhaps they should be at times–but things in my life are usually about other people.  I really do believe that my being here–being with a group of friends, being at a funeral, being at a wedding, being just about anywhere, including the reunion, is less about me and more about someone else. There are people who need to be cheered, challenged, hugged, and heard.   Maybe it’s time you started thinking that way.  Who needs your presence?  Who needs your smile, your voice, your ear, your hug, your affirmation?  Someone does, I can just about guarantee it!  So, take a chance and move out of your comfortable cozy corner for an hour or two.  Be the bright light, the quiet harbor, the steady pillar that someone else needs.  You might never know who it was, but someone will have appreciated your presence, and you will be better for having been there.  

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