Risk and Movies

Risk and Movies

OK, so Chip definitely needs to take a break from X-box, and Parker will be at The Great Escape…so, I’m thinking that an afternoon with RISK, followed by an evening of movies is in order.  I also think that Ben ought to get Chip to play paintball with him next time he goes.  Of course, Chip and Parker just played in a Halo tournament with Alex P. and Christian, and they came in second place!  They’re pretty pumped about playing, but I think a break is in order at my house.  What do you think?

We had our second Summer Youth Bible Study last night, and the crowd was a lot smaller, but I think since Melissa and Kate are at The Great Escape, Courtney and Allie didn’t come.  Am I right?  Ali, I don’t know where you were, but I missed you, too!  The lesson was still about “guilt,” and it seemed to fit for a few of us with things happening in life right now.  You know, some people are so good at letting “crap” roll off their shoulders, while others of us can be made to feel guilty over the smallest infractions.  I want to be more in tune to the “I’ve given it to God, and I’m going on with life” crowd, instead of the “I’m feeling so guilty because I upset someone, made someone mad, might have offended someone” crowd.  I think it’s part of our personality, though, to be like however we are.  That means that I have to really go to God with it and let Him take the unneccessary guilt off my shoulders.  Does any of that make sense?  Will I understand what I was talking about five years from now when I read this again? 

How was Father’s Day for everyone?  Did you celebrate with lots of smiles?  I hope so.  Bernie is an awesome dad, and the boys were really happy about celebrating him.  We ate lunch at Adam’s Place with my mother, and it was really great. The food is out of this world, and the people who live there are just precious!  I’m so glad that she is living there–only two minutes from me!

So, here’s the week:  cleaning house today; Chip is taking a pottery class with Brad tomorrow night (since he has to miss Fun in the Son, I thought he should do something fun); Wednesday is lunch out at noon–meet at the church, and we’ll decide where to go.  Maybe Thursday would be a good day for RISK and Movies…I’ll have to check with Beth, Chip, and Chelsey–they’re my best sources for planning things.  Chelsey starts her new job at DQ Grill and Chill this week, though, so we have to work around that.  Wouldn’t it be great if my youth guys/girls and my band guys/girls could all hang together?  Yep, that would be the best!

Oh, and Chip and Chelsey just had their 9 month anniversary.  Wow, that’s pretty amazing.  I really like that they still have their friends, which I think is what makes this so good for them.  They’re not so wrapped up in just each other.  That also means that Chelsey will get her license in three more months–two months before Chip!  Chelsey, you are such a dear, and we love having you around; your mom and dad are good to share you with us!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    haha idk what it is then cause the entire page keeps scrolling to the left and once its finished it does it again, IT NEVER STOPS, its making me dizzy , haha, but uh yeah I’m having troubles with my e.s project cause my leaders keep shooting down the ideas, and i’ll get far enough into them that the people i’m doing it for thinnk i’m goin to do it, well i think this next idea will actually work this time.

  2. Well on Wednesday i work from 12-5 and thursday i dunno…i gotta look at my schedule. I like the sound of saying “i have to work that night” lol. I’ve been saying it alot. Yes. We need movies and friends and all that good stuff. And i love it when you write about me =]  it makes me happy. I hope you have a great day!


  3. i say that we def. need a movie night!! wander what everybodys doing on the 29…. im gunna try to have my bday party!!! but i’ll see how it goes just depends on what people are doing. Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

    <3 Julia <3

  4. sounds like everything’s going pretty good for you and your family. hope you find time for a break. I just want you to know that I think it’s so great that you put God first in your life. I think alot of us me included want him to be but we just don’t put in that extra effort, we’re to busy living how the world wants us so cause “it’s easier”. I want you to know that I went to church camp either last week or the week before and a combintion of what I learned there and what you (your xanga) has really encoarged me to change my life and how I’m living it. thanks for that I mean look at most people’s xanga and it my say god as one of there interest but do there ever metion him other than that? no. and I’ve dicided to change mine, well hope your having a great summer! BYE!!! hope to see you soon.


  5. camp was truly A-mazing!

    the preacher (sp) Ken freeman was awesome cause he took stuff that he knew we would understand and he twisted it into these breath taking surmons. we would leave the room with tears running down our facing feeling as if a huge rock had just been lifted of our sholders. The really amazing thing was that the past few weeks I haven’t really been excited about God or church anymore and I would think of reasons why I could go. so the week before we left for camp I started to pray that even if it’s just mentioned once or twice that someone could just get me on fire for God again. ok…the first night that we’re there I walk into the room and whole three hour surmon was on what I had been praying about..it was all about not being on fire for him and not wanting to go to church etc. you could really see how God had worked through Ken to reach others, we had over 60 people give there lives to christ just in that one night. camp was in illnos (sp) and it was called Wild Week, which fit the camp perfectly, every day we had about a 3 or 4 hour break were we could go to the lake and swim and canoe and they had water slides it offered a great time not only to become closer to people within your own church but also to meet new people from other churchs (there we’re 8 churches there in total) well have to go, I’m helping run VBS at my church…BYE!!!


  6. miss julia says she is gonna ask about a movie night at her house on friday…so just a heads up if that goes through =]

  7. it’s gone through…. movie night at my house on friday, @ 7 if thats ok with everybody!

  8. ummm birthday party june 30 for me chip will be getting an invitation if i ever have time to make them…. just a heads up!

  9. mrs. steen! i just found the pictures from your last post! the cook- out was so… much fun! glad u were there! o ya- i sent my camera off and got it fixed! yeah! <3melissa katie

  10. i’ve used ash twice and it keeps coming out red..

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