It’s just beautiful.  I’m guessing we have 3-4 inches of the white stuff.  It’s so clean, so soft, so pretty.
I’ve put some black beans on the stove to cook for some soup that will taste so yummy when lunch time rolls around.
I’ve noticed birds at the feeders that are never here.  I guess everyone is hungry.

I’m delighted to be home, almost completely alone, to do what I need to do.  I usually have someone in the house, and I do now–Parker is asleep.  But there’s something about the snow that closes off the rest of the world.  It leaves me feeling that I’m in some secluded place.  I realize it won’t last for long.  But for now, for just the moment, it is almost overwhelming how quiet the world seems.  The clicking of these keys, the boiling of the soup, the hum of the computer…those are the only sounds.

I hope I accomplish much today.  I hope that tomorrow I feel refreshed for having had a day to get things done without being rushed.  Yes, a snow day is just what I needed.

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