Spring has almost sprung, or so it feels.  I love to see the trees and flowers that are blooming, though my allergies don’t mix well with the Bradford Pears.  I’ve been watching the UT–Winthrop game this afternoon.  It’s been good–can’t wait to see who will win.  The Siegel game is tonight at MTSU.  The Nation will be in full force, I’m sure, and lots of us adults are going too, to cheer on the Stars.

Please pray that God will cover the details of the move my Mother is making.  I am so excited that she is trying again to move to Murfreesboro.  But as most of you know, I never want to operate outside of the will of God.  I mean, I just don’t want to do it–even if it means that I’m unhappy about the outcome, because I know that if the will of God prevails, my heart will ultimately find joy.  So, please pray that God’s will will prevail and that we will be so completely aware of Him that we won’t make a single step that isn’t in His plan.  Please, will you pray that with me?  Oh, thank you. 

I’m also praying for the safety of the Choir students who are travelling to New York.  May God keep you safe and protect you from any harm.  May you be mindful of those around you and see the beauty of people and things that are placed before you.  What a treat that you are able to take this trip!


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  1. the steenster!! i havent seen you in ages! i hope you are doing splinded! yea i got my self a boyfriend 🙂 yay im excited. i love you!

  2. i love spring!! I miss my sister, she if off to NY ; (. Can’t wait until she comes back

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