Taylor is 16!

Taylor is 16!

Happy Birthday Taylor Simpson!!!!!  Pretty soon, I’ll be able to catch a ride with all of the kids who have ridden with me through the years.  I’m sure I’ll be the person they think of cruising with first!   Oh, well, Happy Birthday, Taylor! 

So, it’s been a week since I’ve updated.  Yikes!  I’ve been super busy with helping my Mother get packed and ready to move.  Yes, the 17th is the big day, and we are so excited!  I’ve also been working for my friend a lot, but not as much the past few days.  And then, there’s the family thing–laundry.  It NEVER seems to stop.  But the best news to share right now is…I’m typing this on my computer.  YES!  It’s my dear friend, and I am glad to have it home from its travels.

How’s the weekend shaping up?  Well, Parker is spending the night with Matthew but has the confirmation retreat in the morning.  I’m not sure what Chip is doing–we could end up with a movie night for all I know.  Play practice is going strong, so most of that crew will be working hard for a few hours at the school.  I’m excited about the play next weekend…West Side Story.  You are all going, aren’t you?  The lovely Elizabeth Evans will be quite the star, sharing some of that spotlight with Daniel, Chelsey, and many others.  Oh, it’s gonna be grand!

I’m heading to Tullahoma in the morning to go through a few more things with my brother and my mother.  Should be exciting.  Not the going through stuff really, but it is always nice to be together, even when it means working. 

Well, my coffee just finished brewing.  Can you smell it?  Mmmm, it smells amazing every morning.  I think I’ll go pour a cup.   Have a great day.

Oh, and Beth–Bernie thought Ren and Stimpy would have been a good choice.  Guess you didn’t like my suggestion. 🙁  Ben and Jerry is a great set of names, though, and they are adorable puppies.

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  1. Well, Mrs. Steen I hate to tell you, but you did lose the naming contest. Sorry about that…Ren and Stimpy would have been good, but I’m happy with Ben and Jerry!  <3Beth

  2. me132 says:

    haha, thanks mrs susan!!
    and i would LOVE to
    give you a ride sometime =]
    i guess i’ll see you sunday!!

  3. Well thanks for the publicity mrs. steen! i can’t wait to see what you all think of it!


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