The Human Body

The Human Body

I wonder about sickness.  I have been reading so much about Medical Meditation and the proven help it has been to so many people with different illnesses.  I have been reading about the body’s makeup and its ability to heal itself sometimes.  While I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I am also a believer in the Creator and his incredible creations throughout our world.  Even my non-believing friends, I think, would have to acknowledge that there is a Creator of this incredible universe and our intricate beings.  I especially like this paragraph from Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD and Cameron Stauth:

“Imagine, for a moment, that the biblical phrase, “In the beginning was the Word,” were to read, “In the beginning was the Vibration.”  As I’ve mentioned, all words and sounds are vibration, and all vibration can create sound.  Therefore, from the perspective of physics, it can be accurate to use “word” and “vibration” interchangeably.  According to this logic, it is meaningful to perceive the creation of the universe in the beginning, as the creation of vibration.  After all, every atom in the universe is vibrating, and this vibration is the ultimate animating energy.  There could be no life without it.  Thus, the Creator might be conceived of as the force that has set this vibration into motion.  Of course, the organization of this vibration into the patterns and rhythms of the universe necessarily implies intelligence and intention.  The universe does not vibrate randomly, or discordantly; on earth and in the heavens, all vibrations are rhythmic, patterned, and predictable.  This is seen in everything from the ocean tides to the vibrations of subatomic particles.  Because the force of vibration is so intricately bound to the core of our being, not just any words will put us in touch with the universal vibrations, or the tides and rhythms of eternity.  If you use the wrong sounds and the wrong words, nothing will happen.  As Dr. Gurucharan has noted, if you calling out for God, but get mixed up and instead call out “dog,” your dog will come, God won’t.”

I’m in the last quarter of the book, and it has resonated with me on so many levels.  It takes what I’ve believed about my God and shown the scientific evidence that many people need of a Creator.  Of course, even without proof, I know there is someone bigger than I am.

I’ll update as I finish the book and come to my conclusions about the possibilities for health improvement through Medical Meditation–it involves Kundalini Yoga, and of that I am a huge advocate.

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