Today is Friday

Today is Friday

Mother’s Day was hard for many people, as Father’s Day has been for many years a reminder of the Daddy who is no longer with me. But today is Friday, and as I do every Friday, I am headed to have breakfast with my mother.

My mother decided seven years ago to move to Murfreesboro to be a bigger part of my family’s life. She had been near my brother and his kids for all of their lives–keeping balance?  My children were in 8th and 10th grades at the time.  (13 and 15)  She wouldn’t get to see their t-ball games and tennis matches, but she would be a part of the band audience and the choir audience, and a participant in their lives.

We decided that by having breakfast on Fridays we would be sure that if the week had been overly busy, it would give us that one piece of time to ourselves. Sometimes, we have invited others to join us, but never as regular participants. I am so grateful for those mornings. As harried as I might have felt sometimes, sitting there with her reassuring smile calmed me. Sometimes, I’ve even been the reassuring one!

Yesterday, we celebrated her birthday one more time (everyone should celebrate for a month), and as I looked back at the photo, I just thought of how incredibly lucky I am that she walked away from her life in Tullahoma to be a part of our lives. I don’t take it for granted. I could not imagine having gone through some of the things we have experienced over these seven years without her here.  If you know much about me, you know that I treasure relationships in general.  This is one relationship that has grown and flourished in our adult years.  I guess that might be true of many mother-daughter relationships.  But I think ours is extra special.  🙂

This just seemed a good time to thank her, to acknowledge her, in a more public way.  Thank you for never judging my children, my husband, or me–instead, always being supportive and encouraging.  Thank you for being willing to step out and find joy in life–because I believe I have seen you happier than in these seven years than many before.  Thank you for trusting yourself, for showing your children and grandchildren that you had more strength than even you thought you had.

I love you, Mother.  You and I came together in so many wonderful ways, and I am grateful and overwhelmed sometimes.

Mother Liz Nana

Mother Liz Nana

3 Responses to “Today is Friday”

  1. Liz says:

    Oh my goodness, Susan, how am I going to be able to drive to GG, with these thankful tears in my eyes? Thank you for all of those sweet comments. I’m the proud and lucky one to be here, sharing your precious family. I love you!! Let’s go eat! 🙂

  2. Gayle Jordan says:

    This is so precious and such a lovely description of this sweet, sweet relationship. I am joyful for both of you, for being able to have one another. Thank you for writing this!

  3. Sharon Goff says:

    Thank you, Susan for your wonderful tribute to the your mother.

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