Variety Show Night 2

My video from tonight was much better, but it was still hard to work with the still shots with so much action…I must learn more about how to do a better job with that.VarietyShowNight2-121 VarietyShowNight2-123


VarietyShowNight2-053 VarietyShowNight2-032

VarietyShowNight2-025 VarietyShowNight2-017

VarietyShowNight2-014 VarietyShowNight2-001

VarietyShowNight2-004 VarietyShowNight2-055

VarietyShowNight2-065 VarietyShowNight2-089

VarietyShowNight2-127 VarietyShowNight2-134

Hope you enjoyed the show…it was really fun, and very well done!


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  1. Hey that’s a picture of meeeeeeeee up there!

    That’s a cute picture of Chip and Chelsey…

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