Variety Show

Some photos…I’ll try to get some better ones tonight…it’s hard to video and take pictures at the same time. 🙁  
The photo show from last night is here.

2006 Variety Show-0722006 Variety Show-064

2006 Variety Show-0022006 Variety Show-008

2006 Variety Show-0052006 Variety Show-026


2006 Variety Show-043

2006 Variety Show-040 2006 Variety Show-048


2006 Variety Show-090 2006 Variety Show-023


2006 Variety Show-022 2006 Variety Show-023

  2006 Variety Show-010 2006 Variety Show-072

2006 Variety Show-109 2006 Variety Show-140 

2006 Variety Show-161

 2006 Variety Show-1612006 Variety Show-084

2006 Variety Show-091 2006 Variety Show-120

2006 Variety Show-159 2006 Variety Show-157




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  1. aww.  i loved the show, too.
    Amazing pictures. as always.

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