Weddings are wonderful, but especially when the wedding is that of someone you love.  Tonight was such a wedding–Meredith Heusinkveld and Andy Peck were married, and they are a sweet, sweet couple!  Want to see some pictures?  It’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of days–getting ready for the wedding.  Off to the beach in a couple of days, and back home in time for another wedding.  Literally, we’ll drive into town in time for the wedding!

100_1572 100_1578

Melissa and Laura Downs were there!                                     David Corlew sang two incredible solos!!!!!

100_1582 100_1602

Emily was a beautiful Maid of Honor!                Meredith and Andy made it through the I Do’s and left as Man and Wife!!!


My precious Christie!!!                             


      Chip, Parker and Brad with their “old” babysitter. 
Wow, have they ALL grown up!


Lots of Youth Group kids were there..(Kallie, who will be 16 in 10 days!!),       
Chip, Parker and Melissa were all good sports to pose for a photo…

                                    THE STEENS

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  1. Awww, I like David… He’s a cool guy.

    Weddings are neat.

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