Wednesday, yes, it's Wednesday!

Wednesday, yes, it’s Wednesday!

  I am so glad that it’s Wednesday.  I’m tired and ready for a rest from all of the hustle and bustle.  I’m happy for those in the play that it’s over–I’m sure you’re exhausted.  Did I ever post pics?

West Side Story-076West Side Story-054 West Side Story-141 West Side Story-004 West Side Story-147     West Side Story-089    

West Side Story-129   West Side Story-085 West Side Story-141 West Side Story-056

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  1. mrs steen…thanks so much for coming…it meant a lot to me and i’m sure to everyone else that saw you there…glad you enjoyed it!

  2. i love the pictures!! it was such a good play i just wish elizabeth could have had closing night because the biggest croud came to the final performance ,but they did good!!i loved it and i wish i could see it again!!i love you

  3. ….there aren’t any of me….

  4. mrs. steen, can you do me a huge favor? mrs. gregory didnt schedule michael’s photography to come in and take pictures on me and alison’s nights. (but dont even get me started… no one in the garner/evans household is too happy about it lol) so is there any way you could email me the pictures you took? i would appreciate it so much!

    i love you, mrs. steen!

  5. oh!! and my email address is…

    i love you!

  6. embolie13 says:

    very nice mrs. steen!!!!!!!!!! i love you oh so much!!!!!! pretty new couch!!!! <3<3 em

  7. just sayin’ hey!


    P.S. I thought they did great in the play!!!

  8. Hey Mrs. Steen…It’s Allison Bimson…I miss talking to you and seeing your smiling face everyday!

    <33 Talk to you later!

    ~Allison B!~~

  9. Athena8908 says:

    Those are great pics!!! It was great seeing you the other day Mrs. Steen!!! Hope you have a Great weekend!!!!

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