Why Do I Do It?

Why Do I Do It?

I have been asked more in the past month about my philosophy on taking these pictures than ever before.  “Why do you give away your pictures?”

It’s pretty simple.  One fee from a group means that everyone in the group has equal access to photos.  There are times that a photographer needs to make money on the individual, and I do admit that my philosophy isn’t a popular one in some arenas, but at the end of the day I know that parents and grandparents can make scrapbooks of a child they love at 10-50 cents a picture (depends on where you order).  Some man or woman will be able to look back in 20 or 30 years and show his or her kids what life was like for them in their ‘glory days.’  Some folks might even move on to bigger arenas, and these will be cute pics of “Look where he/she was….”

Pictures are everywhere, as are cameras.  You can capture special moments on your cell phone or your point ‘n shoot.  When you want an incredible portrait, please go to the major professionals.  They’ll do a beautiful job.   If I were to ask people to purchase my pictures individually, it would take the fun out of the shots for me.  It’s a thrill to get a great shot that I can print and share with a family.  Some can afford more than I can.  Others struggle more than I do.  More money would be great, but I just can’t put a price tag on a parent’s pride.

Want to donate?  I’ll rarely refuse.  Want me to charge for what many could take for themselves, well maybe from a greater distance?  I stand firmly where I began…

It’s a joy to share memories with a  group, and I expect that a group can pick up the tab to benefit its members.  So far, it’s worked just fine.

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